Soutside Bar & Restaurant Association

Membership code of conduct

As a responsible host we agree to

  • Provide a clean, safe, and social environment by maintaining the property including sweeping the sidewalks at opening and closing.
  • Maintain adequate and well trained staff to assist you in making the best choices to meet your needs.
  • Comply with all the rules and regulations and assure proper identification of patrons by checking IDs of patrons upon service/entrance.
  • Intervene with anyone whose behavior is disruptive or appears to be intoxicated.
  • Provide safe alternative transportation in the event someone over their limit and poses a threat to their own or others safety.
  • Maintain good relations with our neighbors, other businesses and government agencies and be a part of all of the efforts to make the South Side a wonderful place to live.
  • Make efforts to maintain ramp certification for managers and staff.
  • Participate in semi-annual security training.
  • Comply with all life safety and building codes.
  • Log and file incidence reports.

Fees for membership

  • $100/wk Nighttime business with liquor license and 150 or more occupancy
  • $50/wk Nighttime business with liquor license and up to 149 occupancy
  • $50/wk Nighttime business with liquor license and up to 149 occupancy
  • $25/wk Business that does not serve food and beverage
  • Donation Any amount is gladly accepted and reinvested back into this business district to help pay for SSBARA services

We ask our guests to

  • Recognize our interest in providing you with the safest and most enjoyable environment in which to meet and socialize.
  • Respect our staff, dress code, and our responsibility to check proper identification.
  • Understand your responsibilities when consuming alcoholic beverages and set a responsible limit to avoid risk to yourself and others.
  • Assist us in maintaining a clean and safe environment by respecting our property, staff and other guests.
  • Ask a staff member to arrange safe transportation if you believe you or another patron cannot walk or drive home.
  • Respect our neighbors, keep conversations low, use the restrooms before leaving, and avoid making unnecessary noise or creating other disturbances when leaving our establishment.